For different reasons and circumstances in life, I’ve never had the chance to attend college or to receive formal training in the arts.
After many years of learning crafting skills, endless efforts and strong conviction, I defined my goal: the impact of the creative act on itself. In this silent quest of mine, I have been learning from here and there, experimenting with art and its forms, always bearing in mind what each one of us contributes on a daily basis, shaping who we are; an attempt to make our lives better in any aspect when possible.
And it is the deep sense of meaningfulness that keeps me going. I often feel that the ability of the artist is put into question regarding their functionality. However, this idea is what encourages me to prove them wrong; to present my work, especially with sculptures and visual arts, and have my expectations exceeded with the overwhelming response of the audience. Whether the response is emotional or rational, having individuals wondering why they react the way they do, without an apparent motive on why it makes them feel the way they do is what keeps me going. It is the process of transforming desires, emotions and feelings into shapes, colours, textures and light.
I am convinced that each and every contribution, as modest as it might be, is positive and worthy. And this is what motivated me to create a website with my published work, and soon at cultural venues when considered convenient.
I want to thank everybody that has supported me during these past years, and specially my partner in life Montserrat, who has suffered it the most.


I have known him since he was very young and I remember that he entertained himself by creating new objects with two or three worthless ones.
And I understand him very well when he tells me that motivates him in the artistic activity is the creative fact itself.
He works both for assignment and for his own motivation, starting with brief sketches that, as the days go by are transformed into doubts, successes and retouches to end up giving shape, feeling and emotion to objects, paintings, sculptures and jewels.


C/ Sant Pau, 25, 1º / 08500 / Vic, Barcelona
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